black pudding


I think it was a Wednesday, I found myself to be suddenly very lost, - I’d been out walking, and having nowhere in particular to go, followed one leafy winding road after another, and after a time, came across a sign for Barton in the Beans. ‘A curious name’ I thought to myself, but maybe I could stop there, purchase a cup of tea, and rest for a while.
Just then, I noticed a large old tree.
‘I bet that old tree can tell a few tales’, I said, talking to myself again.
I sat down on the sweet soft grass and rested my weary body against the gnarled old tree. As my heavy eyes closed, and the buzzing of distant bees drifted by, I bathed in the warm sun on my face, feeling relaxed and at peace.

I must have drifted off to sleep, as then I turned to see a small wooden door hidden deep in the roots of the tree. Being a naturally curious sort of person, I pushed the dark and creaking little door open, and peered inside. There before me was a dark narrow street, - a dim light flickered in a tiny shop window lit only by the soft glow of a candle. Above the shop door a sign said ‘Grizbard’s fine Black Pudding Shop’ I quite fancied a bite to eat – and it had been hours since my last cup of tea ! I leaned forward and started to knock on the door, but noticed a sign saying ‘Opening time Midnight’
‘That’s rather strange’, I said (talking to myself again) Who would be wanting black puddings at midnight? And turning, ran home as fast as my legs would allow, - too late for tea

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